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When moving within town, across the province or across the country go with the professional moving team that puts your needs first. It is important to have not only your items handled safely but also to hire a fully insured moving company like Moving By Design. With accurate in-home estimates Moving By Design takes out the guess work for you. They make sure that come move day you are not only comfortable with the moving team in your home but you also have no fear of your items being held hostage or more money demanded than agreed upon. Make the best choice and call Moving By Design today!

We are a full service moving company that caters its service offerings to each of its unique and specific customers and commercial clientele.

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"All three movers were fantastic, never stopped and always communicated any concerns. We gave them a real work out with our move, and my wife and I are so pleased. No damage or broken items, very impressive. Thank you so much for making our move so stress free."

"I have now used MBD for a number of moves. I found Ryan and crew to be incredibly detailed, professional, prompt and very reasonably prices. Ryan provided very personalized service and went well beyond what we would be expected. I would highly recommend using MBD."

About Us

Moving By Design Inc. is an industry leader in terms of professional and customer service based moving services. With locations across the province, Moving By Design Inc. handles direct moving across Ontario and Canada. Whether you are moving down the street, across the country, storing your items during a major renovation or looking to remove some unwanted junk, Moving By Design Inc. is the company for you.

 Most moving companies look to hire cheap labor with the misconception that moving is not a skilled labor position and anybody with a bit of muscle or endurance can do the job. Unfortunately this leads to untrained labor entering customers’ homes without any care being shown towards the items being moved. Customers end up being subjected to unfriendly, untimely and unprofessional movers and are left fearing their prize possessions are at risk.

 The customer service specialists at Moving By Design Inc. realize that moving is much more than simply handling people’s belongings. It can be a stressful part of an individual’s life and we realize that we are only a small portion of the process. Our movers take the time and care to ensure that your move is completed in manner that is as stress-free as possible. They are extensively trained and work with the thought in mind that they treat each piece of furniture with the same care they would their own. They do this by wrapping each one of your prized items in our top of the line moving blankets and ensure that your items are placed exactly where you want them.

 You can also be rest assured that Moving By Design Inc. is fully bonded and insured and offers an array of services including packing and unpacking your boxes, as well as our complimentary wardrobe service whereby we take your clothes directly out of your closet and into our specialized boxes. We also have great business partners in the storage, organizing and senior move management industries and can provide you with the proper direction to best complete your move. We often do not double book our moving dates to ensure that your moving day is dedicated to you. As well, our quotes do not contain hidden costs like most companies in terms of surcharges and distance charges.

 At the end of the day we are here for you during this stressful time and you can be rest assured you will be left feeling pampered and knowing you chose the best company to handle your move. Call Moving By Design Inc. today and ensure you are in the best possible hands!

Ryan Scott-Owner and President